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Badinerie in a Parking lot

Join flutist Zach Tarpagos and cellist Alex Botinis in an unexpected yet delightful rendition of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Badinerie" from Suite No. 2 in B Minor. Set against the backdrop of a parking lot, this unique performance breathes new life into Bach's lively composition, showcasing the talents of these two musicians in a fresh and innovative way.

Zach Tarpagos and Alex Botinis take on Bach's "Badinerie" in an unconventional setting. With Tarpagos on flute and Botinis on cello, their duet arrangement brings out the playful spirit of the piece, filling the air with the infectious energy of Bach's music.

Johann Sebastian Bach's "Badinerie" is a spirited dance movement that captures the essence of the Baroque era with its lively rhythms and intricate melodies. In this charming rendition, Tarpagos and Botinis infuse the music with their own flair, creating a performance that is both refreshing and captivating.
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