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Haydn Concerto in C Major - performed by Amit Peled and his Peabody Students

Renowned cellist Amit Peled takes center stage, accompanied by his Peabody Institute students, to perform Haydn's First Cello Concerto in C major. Prepare to be enthralled by their captivating rendition, which breathes new life into this beloved concerto.

Haydn Cello Concerto interpreted by Amit Peled and his talented students. Let their collective artistry and passion for music transport you to a world of beauty and expression, where every note resonates with emotion and depth.

Haydn's First Cello Concerto is a timeless masterpiece that showcases the versatility and virtuosity of the cello. In this arrangement for seven cellos, Amit Peled and his ensemble bring a fresh perspective to the concerto, highlighting its intricate harmonies and melodic richness with their impeccable technique and musical sensitivity.

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