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Habanera from Carmen - Bizet - Cello & Piano

Step into the sizzling world of Carmen as the sultry Habanera unfolds on cello strings. Forget stuffy opera houses and predictable interpretations. This isn't your grandmother's Habanera.

Cicely Parnas' cello becomes Carmen's voice, whispering tales of love's bittersweet dance. Each note throbs with passion, laced with a hint of danger. Marnie Laird's piano weaves a sultry undercurrent, highlighting the complexities of desire and freedom that Carmen embodies.

This isn't just an aria; it's a seduction, a glimpse into the fiery spirit that captivated hearts both on stage and off. Parnas's technique is flawless, yes, but it's her expressiveness that truly ignites the music. Each phrase simmers with sensuality, inviting you to join Carmen in her intoxicating world.

Laird's piano acts as both confidante and counterpoint. Its delicate flourishes and rhythmic pulse mirror the ebb and flow of Carmen's emotions, a constant reminder of the delicate balance between love and independence.

Whether you're a seasoned opera buff or simply captivated by the power of music, this Habanera promises to leave you breathless. So, lose yourself in the captivating soundscape, and let Carmen's story unfold anew through the artistry of Parnas and

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