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Mischa Maisky - Nocturne by Tchaikovsky


  Mischa Maisky performed Tchaikovsky's "Nocturne" with the hr-Sinfonieorchester (Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra), a prominent German orchestra based in Frankfurt, Germany.

 In this performance, Maisky once again showcases his mastery of the cello, playing with sensitivity and emotion as he draws out the expressive qualities of Tchaikovsky's music. The hr-Sinfonieorchester provides a lush and full orchestral accompaniment, with the strings in particular adding depth and richness to the performance. 

 As a soloist, Mischa Maisky commands attention with his expressive playing, and his performance in this concert is no exception. He brings out the lyricism of the music, while also imbuing it with a sense of drama and urgency. The hr-Sinfonieorchester complements his playing beautifully, creating a powerful and moving performance that showcases the beauty and depth of Tchaikovsky's music.

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  Mischa Maisky performs Nocturne by tchaikovsky live with  Vienna Chamber Orchestra
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