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Young Cellist Lyana Ulikhanyan Performs "Sleeping Beauty" and "Requiebros"

Young cellist Lyana Ulikhanyan paints a different "Sleeping Beauty" with her bow, accompanied by the masterful pianist Marianna Hayrapetyan. Close your eyes and imagine: not saccharine sweetness, but a nuanced exploration of Aurora's slumber, her dreams laced with both grace and yearning. Lyana's phrasing is like moonlight on a shimmering lake, each note echoing the princess's timeless story.

 Then, the tempo shifts. "Requiebros" by Cassadó erupts, a fiery Spanish dance demanding technical brilliance and raw emotion. Imagine Lyana's fingers flying across the strings, her bow a flamenco dancer's skirt swirling with passion. It's a whirlwind of sound, transporting you to sun-drenched plazas and hearts ablaze.

This isn't just a performance; it's a journey through contrasting emotions. In "Sleeping Beauty," I found myself holding my breath at the delicate moments, then swept away by Lyana's powerful crescendos. "Requiebros" had me tapping my foot, captivated by her technical prowess and infectious energy.

Want to experience the magic yourself?The sheet music is available . Explore Tchaikovsky's intricate melodies and Cassadó's rhythmic complexities. See if you can unlock the secrets behind Lyana's captivating interpretations. Or, simply sit back, listen, and let her cello weave its spell on you. :  Imslp (Free)

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Feel the enchantment? Share your admiration for Lyana Ulikhanyan's performance in the comments below, and continue to be inspired by her talent and passion for music.

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