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Tina Guo - Moonhearts in Space Official Music Video ft. Serj Tankian

Close your eyes and ascend beyond the stratosphere. Tina Guo's "Moonhearts in Space" isn't your typical cello performance; it's a sonic journey fueled by electric strings and celestial visuals. Forget predictable concertos and classical confines. Guo transcends genre, wielding her electric cello like a paintbrush, crafting vibrant soundscapes across alien landscapes.

Tina Guo - Moonhearts in Space ft. Serj Tankian

Imagine the video's opening: Guo bathed in ethereal light, her bow dancing across strings that hum and thrum. It's not just melody; it's a percussive pulse, a heartbeat echoing through the cosmos. This isn't Bach by the numbers; it's Bach reimagined, infused with the energy of electronica and the vastness of space.

For me, the magic lies in the unexpected. One moment, Guo soars with soaring lyricism, then shifts gears into a driving, rhythmic groove. It's like watching a shooting star morph into a pulsating nebula, each sonic transformation mirroring the visual spectacle.

Tina Guo's Website : https://tinaguo.com
Buy and stream Album : https://tinaguo.lnk.to/DiesIrae
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