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Kaddish by Maurice Ravel - Olivia Da Costa

As a talented cellist Olivia Da Costa presents a soul-stirring performance of Maurice Ravel's "Kaddish" from "Deux Mélodies Hébraïques." Accompanied by an ensemble of talented musicians, Da Costa's interpretation of this sacred melody promises to evoke profound emotions and contemplation.

Olivia Da Costa and her fellow musicians—David Shaw, Jack Greed, Edgar Francis, and Laura Armstrong—as they breathe life into Ravel's evocative "Kaddish." Through their collective artistry and reverence for the music, they honor the solemnity and beauty of this timeless melody.

Da Costa's cello weaves a tapestry of emotion and introspection, guided by the delicate interplay of the ensemble. Together, they navigate the nuances of Ravel's composition with sensitivity and grace, inviting listeners into a space of contemplation and reverence.

David Shaw - Violin 1 
 Jack Greed - Violin 2 
Edgar Francis - Viola 
Laura Armstrong - Cello

Sheet Music : Explore the depths of Ravel's "Kaddish" with high-quality digital sheet music available for cello and piano. Delve into the intricate harmonies and melodic motifs that characterize this profound work, and uncover the essence of its spiritual significance.

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