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Bach's Bourée on 20 Cellos. Which one is your favourite ?

Get ready for an extraordinary musical experience as cellist Margarita Balanas takes on Johann Sebastian Bach's lively "Bourée" on not one, but twenty cellos! In just one minute, Balanas showcases the remarkable diversity of sound and character across these instruments, inviting listeners to join in the excitement and choose their favorite.

Margarita Balanas navigates through the spirited "Bourée" by Bach on twenty different cellos. From the warm and mellow tones to the bright and resonant sounds, each cello offers a unique perspective on this timeless piece, allowing listeners to discover their personal favorites.

Johann Sebastian Bach's "Bourée" is a delightful composition filled with energy and charm, perfectly suited to showcase the versatility of the cello. With Balanas's expert handling and expressive playing, each cello comes to life, revealing its distinct personality and character in just sixty seconds.

Margarita's Website  : https://www.margaritabalanas.com

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