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This Schubert Sonata Will Wreck You (But You'll Secretly Love It)

Okay, buckle up cello nerds, because Mischa Maisky is about to turn your emotions inside out with Schubert's Arpeggione Sonata. We're talking soaring highs that crash into deep, mournful lows. Buckle up for a cello roller coaster that'll make you feel ALL the feels.

What Makes This Performance Special

Forget the stuffy concert halls and bow ties.  Think raw and exposed – that's what Maisky brings to the table. His cello becomes a living, breathing thing, echoing  heartbreak one moment and a fiery defiance the next. Schubert wrote this for some forgotten instrument called the arpeggione, but Maisky's cello version? Pure magic.

Get the Tissues Ready

This ain't no background music to practice scales to.  One second you'll find yourself captivated by the tenderness of the opening. The next, you're overwhelmed by the intensity that seems to come out of nowhere.

Wanna Dive Deeper?

Of course, you do!   Snag the free sheet music over Imslp , if you're brave enough to give it a go yourself. Just don't be surprised if you end up playing through tears. Seriously, have those tissues close. : IMSLP

Maisky and those crazy-talented folks in the Weinberger Chamber Orchestra  bring this same passion to EVERYTHING they touch.
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